The Ratchet

clean boost/cut pedal

Coming soon


  • +28dB to -99dB gain range
  • Gain read out on LEDs – adjustable brightness
  • Independent programable steps (default +6dB, and -3dB)
  • Stomp up goes up, and down goes down the set amount
  • Return to “home” from any setting by pressing both switches
  • Mute by holding the down switch
    • return to where you were with a second press
  • 18V internal headroom
  • 1M Ohm input impedance
  • Low output impedance to drive long lines
  • Soft clip and indicator for when things get really loud.
  • High quality components throughout
    • Studio quality THAT VCA
    • Low noise opamps
    • Neutrik Connectors
    • NKK soft click stomp switches (rated @ 100,000 cycles)
    • Film and NP0 capacitors in audio path
  • 9V DC standard pedal supply required, 100mA max.
    • MIDI control capable- inquire about availability
    • CV or Expression pedal capable – inquire about availability
    • Alternate packaging and button layout – custom charges apply

The Ratchet is a boost and cut pedal. It allows a player to manage their level in a precise and repeatable way.

Riding that edge of tube amp overdrive. Working guitar drive level to find that sweet spot of crunchy sparkly rhythm tone then pushing it over the top for leads.

I use it at the end of my chain. The guitars volume is in front of the overdrives but I need something after to work the amp drive and master level.

Volume pedals just didn’t work like I wanted. I found it hard to make a small change, and if you find a sweet spot in the middle how to you get back to it quickly.

Its not only for electric guitar. As a studio quality piece of electronics it works on any instrument that needs a level control. Acoustic instruments with pickups can especially benefit since the pickups either don’t have a volume or its down inside the instrument and not easy to access mid song.